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Choosing My Confessions

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About 40 percent of this blog is protected from people in my real everyday life causing drama. Feel free to friend me. I friend almost anybody. Unless you are one of the people from my real everyday life that caused drama...then you can just get lost.

If life is a journey, then I am taking the scenic route. At the age of 27 I have been to Africa as an aide worker, twice.
I love to read. I am on BookCrossing, LibraryThing and Bookmooch. I also spend way more time than is healthy
playing World Of Warcraft. Lest You think I am a complete antisocial geek, I am
also fashion obsessed and an Alumna of Delta Zeta.

Starting October 1 2007 to October 1 2008 I am going to attempt to read 200 books in one year.

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