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  • Tweets for Today: tweetsTweets for Today: tweets Tweets for Today: tweets Tweets for Today: tweets: I was thinki.. tinyurl.com/a4x6qq #
  • The Book Thief:

    The Book Thief ISBN: 0375842209ISBN-13: 9780375842207

    I was surprised that this is act.. tinyurl.com/94hrtz #
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    I read The happiness Project last year and have thought about implementing ways to be happier. I am waiting on my turn at the library to re read it…

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    About a year ago I started losing my hair. I should have known that an extremely low fat diet was not good for anyone but alas.       It started…

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    In the words of everyone else I am back. There is a loong story of what happened to me and that will be in a friends only post. I am glad my lj is…

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