February 27th, 2012

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I read The happiness Project last year and have thought about implementing ways to be happier. I am waiting on my turn at the library to re read it to refreshen my memory. I remember enough of it to note what I want to work on starting March 1st. I have decided that these are the things that would truly make me happier and that they would require the most work on my part since these seem the most difficult to implement.
Follow Flylady to keep a clean apt. I am the worlds messiest person I dont know if I am lazy or what but the mess drives me nuts. Home is supposed to be all comfty and cozy not a place you want to escape.
Follow Weight Watchers to lose weight. I recently hit an all time high with my weight and that woke me up to the fact that being fat is not good for my health. I can blame me meds or different things but ultimately I am the one who puts food in my mouth. I have accepted this is a life long journey and to take it one day and one pound at a time.

I will do these two for the month of March and I will see how much progress I can make. Every month I will add stuff to work on.